Janson Coffee Farm


“Our beneficio (processing plant) was built in 1993, designed exclusively for specialty coffee, including several selections to be able to separate coffee by quality and origin.  We do natural and wash process by using updated technology combined with artisanal methods to obtain the best quality.

All our premium coffees go through traditional drying preparations plus hand selection.”

The Janson coffee farm is actually run by first and second generation of Janson family members. Constantly focusing on improving quality, they have earned several BOP awards with their coffee being always among the best, on the semi-final and final tables of the Best of Panama.  In 2019 their geisha natural lot from Los Alpes received the 2nd place on the Best of Panama with an average score of 94, having received 95 and above by 8 international judges. In 2020 their Pacamara obtained first place in the Best of Panama Competition.

Alpes Farm

Los Alpes farm is located on the Talamanca mountain range of westernmost Panama, North West of the Baru Volcano, same mountain of the La Amistad International Park (Unesco World Heritage site) The average altitude is between 1600 to 1800 above sea level. The rich volcanic soil and unique microclimate combined with optimal care of the geisha plants help us produce coffee berries which followed by a conscious selection and process results on high quality coffee. We take special care of our soils by not utilizing herbicides or insecticides which may deplete the soil of natural elements like minerals.  Our plantation is cleaned from weeds and grass without using herbicides.  Also, with the help of an expert agricultural engineer, and with periodical soil and leaves tests, we are constantly verifying that our soil has a balance of nutrients The result of an excellent cup is a combination of many factors:  rich volcanic soil, unique microclimate, optimal care of the coffee plants and careful selection of the best berries, followed by a meticulous processing at our beneficio.