We strongly believe in paying producers a premium price for quality coffee and assisting them in investing back into their communities & businesses. We achieve this firstly, through building long-term relationships with the farmers we source our green bean from and trading direct wherever possible. This ensures the producers receive 100% of the agreed price, we aren’t paying third parties to broker, source or import the beans.

We have a long standing relationship with coffee growing couple Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera from Finca El Puente in Honduras, who are Cup of Excellence winning producers with a keen interest in shade grown coffee, biodiversity and social projects in their community. Our Brazilian coffees are sourced directly from Felipe Croce and his family at FAF Coffees, a green coffee group that is passionate about providing a high quality product that takes sustainability seriously, both socially and environmentally. Their mission is to achieve Total Quality, which they describe as “The intersection of sensorial quality with holistic sustainable practices that ensures quality of life for all involved”.

Another producer we work with is Café de Eleta in Panama, along with their dedication to quality and the sustainability they focus on maintaining and promoting Child Labour Free coffee production, and build schools and child care centres for their farm workers children to attend. Relationships such as these provide us with exceptional quality coffee, whilst aligning with our vision for contributing to the preservation of the planet and its future generations.

As mentioned, we aim to agree on a fair price that ensures the producers not only make a profit but are able to re-invest into their farm & future crops. It’s worth noting that we’re able to do this for our blend origins as we buy in substantially larger lots. For smaller, spot buys & microlots, going direct-to-farm is not always a viable option (or the most sustainable one).

In this case, we deal with reputable importers who are aligned with our ethos.