Our Approach

We are a family owned and run coffee house that has been operating in Melbourne since 1970. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your coffee needs. Our iconic factory in Coburg includes an in-house Service Department, Specialty Division, SCA Training Courses, Barista Training and on-site blending and roasting.

The difference in producing superior quality coffee is in the sourcing, blending and roasting, which can take years to master. Our blends are created and maintained using the family recipes that have evolved over the years. Each origin in our blends is individually roasted to reach its optimum in flavor and aroma and each batch is taste tested by a member of the Genovese family before it arrives in your Café or at your doorstep.

Roasting Operations

Our roasting facility combines state of the art equipment with our traditional hands-on roasting and blending techniques. We have a close and long-standing relationship with Brambati in Italy, who we have worked with to create our fully customized plant. It enables us to have complete control over the process, ensuring the superior quality and consistency that we are known for.

Our 240kg roaster with intelligent profiling software allows us to be even more efficient AND conserve energy, which is super important to us. Our smaller roasters are operated by the Specialty Division team for small batch coffees.

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Our Blends

Specialty Division

In Australia, the term ‘specialty coffee’ has evolved to include more distinctions – like being roasted a touch on the lighter side to highlight origin flavours, as opposed to more caramelised flavours found with more roast development. A further requirement for specialty coffee has become the complete transparency and traceability of details like the origin, harvest time, processing method, roast date etc.

This evolution of the industry led to the addition of our Specialty Division: we want our customers, and their customers, to have the choice of and access to different styles of quality coffee.

Ben Toovey heads up the division. He’s a barista turned renowned roaster with several accolades to his name and a deep love for coffee. In 2018 he placed 1st at the Australian Roasting Championships. That same year Ben went on to place 4th in the World Roasting Championships. Ben and the other half of the team, Trent Heffer, go to great lengths to source exceptional coffee, including directly from farmers themselves. The coffees are purchased in small quantities, ensuring freshness, seasonality and variety.

Our specialty division acts as a micro-roasting arm of our main coffee roasting facility. All of the sampling, selection, roasting and packaging is overseen by Ben himself. The team are always here to help facilitate alternative brewing methods in your Café or Restaurant and answer any questions for customers who are looking to make the perfect at-home-brew!

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