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Sumatra Orang Utan – Single Origin

Farm/Co-operative: Orang Utan Coffee Owing to intensive agricultural development and rapid deforestation, orangutans loose their natural habitat. The greatest threat is the rapid expansion of the palm oil plantation industry at the expense of…

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Easy Serve Espresso Pods

We are a nation of coffee addicts & all about convenience. Being able to make a coffee at home that's quick and easy is the goal for many. Cue, capsule & pod machines. The term capsule can often be confused with pod, but we are here to deep dive…

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Janson Coffee Farm

Farms: Hacienda Cafetalera and Los Alpes Hacienda Janson Coffee farm is a family owned Hacienda established in 1941, originally a cattle farm, by Carl Axel Janson an immigrant from Sweden.  Their coffee plantations are located on the Talamanca Mountain…

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Community Initiatives

In addition to paying a fair price for green bean, we also contribute to the farms & their surrounding communities in other ways. These are two initiatives that we support directly: CriaCarmo Coffee Project®: In 2013, our friends at CarmoCoffees…

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We strongly believe in paying producers a premium price for quality coffee and assisting them in investing back into their communities & businesses. We achieve this firstly, through building long-term relationships with the farmers we source our…

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Founding Member – Coffee 4 Planet Ark Program

Have you ever considered what happens to the Used Coffee Grounds (UCG) after your coffee is made? Most are thrown in the bin & end up in landfill. This is a major problem because of the amount of Methane used coffee emits when left to decompose.…

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