Seasonal Blend Coffee Drip Bags


Introducing the newest addition to Genovese, our coffee drip bags. The perfect solution for a quality cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.

These drip bags are filled with our Seasonal Blend, which currently contains 3 sensational coffees from Honduras, Brazil & Ethiopia.

Tasting notes: Well balanced with a molasses sweetness, notes of prune, black cherry, and a delicate blood orange acidity.

Sometimes we don’t have access to all the equipment needed to make a great tasting coffee. With that in mind, we’ve created our drip bags using the quality coffee we’re known for – the best part is they are simple to use and can be enjoyed anywhere!

What you need: Drip bag, mug & boiling water
Tear open the perforated line on your drip bag, fold out the handles and slip over the edge of your mug. To brew your coffee, slowly pour over 200ml of boiling water.
We recommend to let it brew for a couple of minutes and enjoy!

10 x 11g single serve drip bags
Home compostable wrap

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