El Salvador – Finca El Cocal – Bourbon, Pacas – Anaerobic Natural


Farmer: Fernando Alfaro

Farmer Fernando Alfaro owns and operates this 10.5 hectare farm in the Ataco mountain range in Apaneca. This farm is known for its incredible mountain views. This region of El Salvador has a rich indigenous population and the town has many vendors selling local crafts honoring that heritage.

The mountainous landscape provides ideal cool weather for coffee along with a healthy annual rainfall. Fernando has planted over 2500 trees of Bourbon and Pacas. He also has invested in infrastructure like raised beds and tanks for doing processing experiments. His annual production is around 200 bags.

This coffee was intentionally processed utilizing anaerobic fermentation, placing freshly-harvested cherries inside a sealed container or bag of some sort for a period of time will create a flavor impact. We find those anaerobically-fermented coffees often exhibit an increase in the intensity of fruit and acidity and an increase in the body.

Tasting Notes: Cherry jam, chocolate and strawberry with a winey acidity, marshmellow sweetness and big juicy mouthfeel.

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