Cafflano Kompact


As one of the most compact coffee brewers on the market, the Cafflano Kompact has become a favorite of backpackers, minimalists, and frequent travellers. When not in use, the brewer compresses to a mere 61mm x 108mm and weighs just 220g, making it perfect for brewing on the road. The Kompact uses bellows-style and immersion brewing to produce full-flavoured and full-bodied coffee that’s similar to a French press or the Aeropress.

Basic Cafflano Kompact Instructions:

  • Decompress the brewer
  • Grind 16g of coffee at a medium setting and place in the Kompact
  • Add 270g of hot water and attach the airlock cap
  • Wait 2-3 minutes, then take the airlock cap off
  • Flip the brewer over onto a mug and press down firmly

The spill-free airlock cap allows you to cold brew coffee. Simply mix coarse grounds and cool water, attach the cap, and let it brew for 8-12 hours. Then, remove the cap and press like normal.

The Cafflano Kompact is primarily built with food-grade silicone that is very durable. It also features a built-in stainless steel etched filter. This encourages a richer brew and eliminates paper waste. However, if you would like to use a paper filter from time-to-time, AeroPress filters are compatible.

Cleaning the brewer is very quick. Simply add hot water to the brewer and press the bellows several times to flush out coffee grounds.

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