Rwanda – Kanyege Nyamasheke – Bourbon – Natural


Farmer: Various smallholder farmers – Kanyege Nyamasheke washing station

The Kanyege washing station in the district of Nyamasheke is considered one of the best washing stations in Rwanda. With a combination of high altitude, regular rainfall and nutrient rich soil, it is an absolute wonderland for growing high quality coffee. Year after year the Kanyege washing station produces exceptional coffee due to their commitment and enthusiasm for producing specialty coffee. This year they’ve produced this wonderful naturally processed coffee. Naturally processed coffee is quite uncommon in Rwanda and is relatively new to the country in general.

The result is this fruit driven and delicate cup that has a wonderful lingering sweetness.

Tasting Notes: Apricot, cherry and mandarin. A delicate and round acidity with a smooth medium body and a lingering sweet aftertaste

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