Peru – Alexander Flores – Washed


Farmer: Alexander Flores – El Bambu, La Palma – Cajamarca – Peru

This vibrant and juicy coffee is grown in the Andes mountain region of northern Peru, close to the border with Ecuador.
Alexander Flores Aguinaga owns a 4-hectare farm in San Jose de Lourdes, where he grows Caturra variety coffee in soil that is described as “a bit rough” but full of the nutrient enrichment that the plants need to thrive. Like many of his fellow members of the cooperative Lima Coffees, Alexander holds organic certification for his farm and is careful to use ecologically progressive farming practices.
At this farm, coffee is picked ripe and depulped the same or the following day, then fermented dry for 36 hours in open-air tanks. It’s washed three times and dried for 20–30 days.
The result is a lively, refreshing and very clean coffee with a crisp acidity and long sweet finish.

Tasting Notes: Juicy acidity, sweet and winey with praline, chocolate and cooked fruit.

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