Papua New Guinea – Baroida Estate – Honey


Farmer:  Colbran Family – Baroida Estate – Aiyura – Kianantu – PNG

The Colbran family has been farming exquisite coffee in the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea since 1960. They decided to process a small lot of the same coffee three different ways; Washed, Honey and Natural. Each lot of coffee has been meticulously processed to highlight the unique impact that fermentation can have on the final cup profile of the coffee.

The Colbran family has been careful to retain the intrinsic flavour that exists in their coffee without overly influencing the taste profile through excessive processing. It is for this reason we decided to buy all 3 processes as we felt they were all an excellent example of their respective fermentation style. It is quite rare to have 3 coffees from the same estate taste so good!

This lot was processed as a “Honey”. This is when the coffee is pulped and then laid out to dry and ferment with the mucilage still attached to the parchment. It can be considered a mix between a washed and a natural process.

Tasting Notes: Toffee, red grape, plum and lemongrass. A sweet and clean coffee with a round body and a well-balanced acidity.

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