Panama – 2020 Janson Family Gesha Lot 317 – Washed


Farmer:  – Janson Family Estate – Panama

This remarkable coffee comes from the Janson family estate in the highlands of western Panama. This green tip Gesha was harvested on the 22nd of January after a slow maturation of the cherries. This coffee was fermented and washed in the traditional method resulting in an extremely clean and complex coffee. This is a perfect example of why the Gesha varietal grown in Panama commands such extremely high prices. This coffee is one you will remember for a very long time.

Recommended as a filter for those who appreciate the world’s most exquisite coffees

Only a Very Limited supply of this coffee is available.

Tasting Notes: Papaya, sugar cane, red apple with a floral fragrance. A very complex, bright and well structured coffee.

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