Kenya – Kabumbu – SL28/34, Bastian – Washed


Farmer: Joseph Mugo Karaba, Kirinyaga

Kabumbu is a small coffee estate in Kirinyaga County, owned and managed by Joseph Mugo Karaba. Joseph inherited the shamba (Swahili for ‘farm’) from his father, who first planted coffee in the 1960s. He and his family live on the estate which includes five acres of coffee trees and a small wet mill, where Joseph processes and prepares his coffees.

Kabumbu sits across 1,500-1,750 meters above sea level in the foothills of the extinct volcano, Mt Kenya. The area is defined by its bright red, nutrient-rich, volcanic soil and cool climate, both of which contribute to the outstanding quality of the coffees produced on this farm.

The coffee is dry fermented for 16–24 hours before being washed and soaked in fresh water for a further 24 hours. This aids in producing a round and complex acidity in the coffee.

We love Kenyan coffee and are happy to have this fresh 2021 Kenyan as part of our supply. We know you’ll enjoy it.

Tasting Notes: Sweet and syrupy with flavours of plum, dark chocolate and mandarin. A cola like acidity with a lingering sweet aftertaste.

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