Ethiopia – Wolichu Wachu – Bourbon, Typica – Natural


Farmer:  Wolichu Wachu smallholder farmers – Uraga – Guji

Well processed natural Ethiopian coffees are a favourite among baristas, roasters and consumers. The distinct fruity, sweet fragrance is quite unique and sought after in the specialty coffee world. The Wolichu Wachu washing station receives roughly 90% Bourbon and 10% Typica varietals from the smallholder farmers from the local area. Grown at a very high altitude of 2100-2300 masl, this aids in developing an intensely sweet, bold and fruit driven coffee.

Everyone who tries this coffee loves it and we are certain you will too.

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, dried cherry, orange and caramel. A round, creamy body with a smooth and intensely sweet aftertaste.

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