Colombia – El Pescado – Caturra – Washed


Farmer: Ivan Arango – Finca El Pescado

Iván Arango, has been a coffee grower all his life. He has been recognized as one of the most important people for the development of coffee in the Betulia municipality in Antioquia, Northern Colombia. Don Iván is 84 years old and started with the El Pescado farm 30 years ago.
He has been instrumental in educating and helping the local community to improve their farming methods and infrastructure. This lot of coffee was hand-picked, fermented for 22 hours and then dried in purpose built parabolic dryers.
It’s a great example of a clean, vibrant and well balanced Colombian coffee.

Tasting Notes: Orange, Red Apple and Plum with a balanced and round acidity. A juicy mouthfeel with tropical fruit sweetness.

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