Colombia – El Mirador – Red Striped Bourbon – Washed


Farmer: Octavio Rueda Ramirez

Octavio Rueda Ramirez owns the 10-hectare farm El Mirador, where he grows 5 hectares of coffee. He has worked in coffee for most of his life, after having to take a job as a picker to help his parents through a difficult financial time at a young age. He fell in love with coffee and knew that was what he wanted to do, and he began raising livestock in order to raise the money to buy his farm—he eventually traded 10 of his best cows for a plot of land to grow coffee. He has improved his quality by studying fermentation processes and making adjustments to account for the altitude and temperatures on his farm, which has led to a very long fermentation of almost 36 hours. The coffee is dried in parabolic driers as well as in casa elba drying structures for 15–20 days.

Tasting Notes: Super sweet and balanced with guava, blackberry and caramel, juicy mouthfeel and a long clean finish.

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