Brazil – Sitio Pedra Grande – Red Catuai – Natural


Farmer: Luciano Vicente

Luciano’s father, Antonio Vicente, came to the town of Caconde, a mountainous coffee farming town on the São Paulo side of the São Paulo and Minas Gerais border when he was fifteen years old. He got married and bought a piece of land up the mountain from town. The plot where he built his house and planted his coffee he called Vila Vicente. Here is where Luciano and his seven siblings were born and raised, surrounded by coffee trees.
Twenty years ago, Antonio passed away and Luciano inherited three hectares of land. He tried to continue what his father had taught him but financially the results were not enough. In 2014, João Hamilton, a neighbour of Luciano, told Luciano that his coffee trees had a big potential for producing specialty coffee. Since then Luciano has improved every aspect of his farm and is now dedicated to producing outstanding coffee whilst minimizing his impact on the local environment.

This latest lot from Luciano defies all expectations from Brazilian coffee. It’s fruitiness and complexity leave us impressed every time we taste it.

Tasting Notes: Flavour notes are complex and range from chocolate mousse, mango, caramel, and macadamia with tropical fruits and hints of black tea. The mouthfeel is velvety.

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