Brazil – Sitio Da Pedra – Yellow Bourbon – Natural


Farmer: Luciano Jose Braga

Sitio da Pedra is a 40-hectare farm owned by Luciano José Braga, though the property has been in his family for 45 years. Luciano’s grandfather José Braga de Oliveira was the first patriarch of Sitio da Pedra, and during his time the farm was still relatively small—the family worked as the only employees during the harvest. Today, that family like spirit is still alive, though the property has grown bit by bit.

Luciano started working on the farm when he was 15 years old, helping his father and grandfather. He started his own history with specialty-coffee production in 2002, after studying techniques and best practices for a long time. His first “specialty” lot was a Catuai, which surprised Luciano with a cupping score of 85. From then, he was hooked.

Coffee means everything to Luciano and his family, and he is dedicated to making constant improvements to his farm as well as to the coffee itself.

This Yellow Bourbon lot is a great example of the quality that is attainable when hard work and dedication are employed. A fruity, boozy natural with a high level of sweetness.

Tasting Notes: Papaya, Raspberry and Caramel. A rich, boozy coffee with a round body and lingering aftertaste

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