Brazil – Lalá Sodré – Catuai – Natural


Farmer: Josimar Sodré

“My name is Josimar but everyone calls me Lalá, I am a specialty coffee producer, working in the farm I inherited from my parents. I’ve always worked as a coffee producer, but I’ve never had the recognition for my work like I have this year.

Here at our farm the people who are most involved in specialty coffee for now are women, we try to exchange ideas with people who already work with quality coffee and we learn a lot through this collaboration. Our farm is in the process of certification, but even without completing the certification I realize how important it is to respect the environment. Our water comes from the forest and I am aware of how we must preserve it, the water we have is our greatest asset. I really love my daughters, who always help me, and I am sure that the specialty coffee we produce in the coming years will be more than enough to support all future generations” – Josimar Lalá Sodré

Tasting Notes: Candied sweetness, red grape, almond nougat and nashi pear. Balanced with a soft acidity and a smooth mouthfeel.

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